The First Conditional Quiz

It's a well known fact that if you can have fun while leaning, it's easier to learn. With all the quizzes on ESL Quizzes you can have fun. Of course, they will test your knowledge, as well as teach you what you don't already know. Remember, after you answer every question you get the correct answer and the reason why. Consequently, even if you get an answer wrong, you will learn.

After the Quiz

Now you have a choice. You can do the quiz again or try another quiz. You can do quizzes on grammar or vocabulary. Check out the quizzes below, or go to the quizzes home page and pick one.

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Hi, My names John and welcome to my website. I'm from England and by day I teach English to Russian learners in Moscow, Russia; by night I create quizzes about English to help learners everywhere improve their English. Please try a quiz - they are all free to use.