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Jobs and Careers Quiz

Job and career titles are some of the basic vocabulary any English language learner needs to know. Now you can test your knowledge, and maybe learn something new, with this easy and enjoyable quiz. What’s in the Jobs and Career Quiz?Like all the quizzes on this site there are 10 multiple choice questions for you to […]

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The Family Members Quiz

Do you know your brother from your step-brother, half-brother or brother-in-law? How about your cousin from your niece or nephew? You do? Great, do the Family members quiz to check and tell everyone how good you are! Not so sure? Do the quiz and learn – all the answers come with an explanation to help […]

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The Opposite Adjectives Quiz

Learning English should be fun, but can be a struggle and sometimes is boring.  You try to remember everything you are, but it’s not easy. That is, not until now that is. The Opposite Adjectives Quiz is a fun way to learn adjectives and their opposites. So, try it now!  After The QuizIt’s your choice, […]

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The Body Vocabulary Quiz

The body vocabulary quiz is for beginners and elementary learners of English as a second or foreign language.As you complete the quiz you will learn new words and understand more about parts of your body. You will also discover how much you know about the parts of your  body in the English language. This quiz covers […]

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Farm Animals Vocabulary Quiz

The Farm Animals Vocabulary Quiz is is a great way for beginner or elementary students of English to learn and remember farm animals. Test your knowledge of farm animals by answering 10 multiple choice questions on farming and farm life. Farm Animals – How Much Do You Know?‚ÄčIf you don’t know about farm animals, doing a […]

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